What We Do

Improve Network Performance

What we do

CellSens supplies software, solutions and consulting services in the telecommunications industry.

We are specialists in the area of mobile network performance management and optimization.

CellSens provides software platforms that greatly simplify the extraction, analysis and correlation of key performance metrics and GIS data.

Mobile Network Operators worldwide have switched to CellSens platforms in favour of other more expensive and much less versatile solutions.

We specialize in SaaS (Software as a Service)

We strongly believe that good software solutions should always be accompanied by great service, therefore we take our service commitment very seriously.

We are continuously in touch with our customers to guide, assist, and help them where we can.

What we deliver


Mobile Network Optimization

We bring together the key ingredients in order to let engineering staff focus on carrying out improvement actions and spend less time on looking for problems

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Performance Management

Collecting Network Performance data from all conceivable elements is one of the fundamental building blocks of the CellSens platform

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Configuration Management

Multi vendor OSS CM data processing providing the correlation of CM and PM enhances optimization results and automated inconsistency reports highlighting issues to network engineers.

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Customer Experience Management

Customer complaints are a starting point for investigating. Visualizing its activity in multiple domains enhances problem solving and time to fix.

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Why choose CellSens?

Key benefits for operators using CellSens


Faster problem to resolution times


Improved customer experience


Efficiency and time improvements


Reduced costs through consolidation of tools

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