CellSens DataMart

Insights at your fingertips

Network Intelligence Made Simple

Build detailed performance reports and dashboards from any technology, network element or network vendor.

Single Dashboard

Mix and match vendors and technologies in the same dashboard.

Access to all counters

Suitable to query any counter, raw or aggregated data in the database.

Automated reports

Schedule and export automated reports.

Performance Management

Independent of vendor, technology layer or data format, our DataMart software client (CDM) lets you quickly visualize all available information from your NE’s.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, quick access to all PM data
  • Drag and drop report building
  • Multi-technology dashboards
  • Easy scheduling
  • KPI building

Key Benefits

  • Report generation for scheduled reporting
  • Ad hoc PM analysis
  • Detailed counter analysis
  • Personalized dashboards

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

A dedicated module that enables users to create projects based on continuously collected trace files.

Key Features

  • CellSens parsers can decode Huawei 3G PCHR for any RAN release as well as Ericsson GPEH
  • All data available in PCHR/GPEH is presentable in the CellSens GUI, providing means to do failed call analysis, radio analysis, message flow visualization, etc…

Key Benefits

  • Trace information allows for the possibility of customer specific detailed radio data, enabling advanced troubleshooting
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