At CellSens, we love mobile networks!

Mobile Network Operators around the globe have implemented CellSens solutions. Operators use our tools as the cornerstone of their daily network performance and optimization activities.

Customer Testimonials

Success stories straight from our customers.

"What I like about CellSens as a company is the support. They are thinking together with the Operator to solve problems, streamline processes and customize reporting needs."

— Florentine Lewis, Team Leader, Telesur

"With CellSens, we get the job done faster."

— Jarkko Kääriäinen System Specialist, Radio Network Design, DNA Ltd

"CellSens helped us to become "Best in Test"  and achieve a world highest score in a recent P3 Benchmark. It delivers network issues straight to my engineers and enables fast and efficient troubleshooting."

— Juan Brescoli, Manager Radio Access, T-Mobile Netherlands

"With Cellsens we were able to unify our Network Performance tooling landscape by combining many tools into one platform."

— Martin Candeas , Principal Engineer Mobile Radio, Gibtelecom
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