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Optimize your network

CellSens Integrated Optimization Suite

As networks become more complex,  an integrated platform is necessary to identify issues, improve user experience and optimize mobile network performance.

Mobile Network Integrated Optimization Suite

Mobile Network Optimization

Single CM/PM/GIS Platform for Network Optimization Engineers.

Network Performance Management

Improve your performance by managing networks more efficiently.

 Configuration Management

Get better insights and filter for an optimized result.

Network Optimization

Correlating a broad range of indicators from PM, CM, FM, GIS , Drive Test & CEM, the Mobile Network Optimization feature produces a concise message to users indicating specifically what is going right and what is going wrong in the network. It then transforms this data into actionable tasks to help engineers focus on the things that matter.

Key Features:

  • Dual screen application
  • Periodic reports
  • Improvement recomendations
  • Impact follow-up
  • Combines and analyzes data from OSS, alarms, CDR logs, complaints, site database, benchmark data, configuration data, problem tickets, QoE surveys, drive tests, CEM data, churn, CRM


  • Creates maximum information correlation resulting in best optimization decision making
  • Enables advanced cross-domain automation

Mobile Network Performance Management

Collecting mobile network performance data from all conceivable elements is one of the fundamental building blocks of the CellSens platform.

Key Features

  • Very fast query response times even on multi TB databases
  • One click and a few seconds brings back hundreds of KPIs and charts in pre-organized manner
  • On-the-fly KPI calculation
  • On-the-fly aggregations/comparing/drilling
  • Advanced worst cell list with filtering, sorting, mapping, before/after analysis, etc…


  • Preconfigured organized chart set ensures immediate usability of the tool
  • Fast querying results in frequent and more in depth analysis


Configuration Management

Multi vendor OSS CM data processing.


  • History tracking of all configuration data changes
  • GeoMapping of any parameter
  • Single click configuration data of cell objects showing customizable templates
  • XML export generation
  • CM filtered PM queries
  • Open loop reference checks
  • Correlation with GIS data


  • Correlation of CM and PM enhances optimization results
  • Automated inconsistency reports highlighting issues to network engineer


100{949f620a3181e6dc8b81f7eb5ef162f6d0800fd5dfd29526315f83b544d5ef0e} Mapinfo compatible GIS interface.

Key Features: 

  • Automatic synchronization with PM module on selected object set
  • Supports loading of all your legacy mapinfo tab files
  • Tilebased server supported (Google Maps/Satellite/Bing/etc..)
  • Terrain profile data included
  • Supports mapinfo spatial queries
  • Custom polygons stored server side allowing direct use for e.g. PM queries


  • Familiar GIS interface for Mapinfo users
  • Supporting your legacy mapinfo data

Mobile Customer Experience Management (CEM)

A dedicated module that enables users to create projects based on continuously collected trace files.

Key Features:

  • Geo Mapping IMSI based customer activity in CS and PS domain, including failed call detections, visualization and release codes
  • Analyze customer activity in time domain on 100s of KPIs derived from CDR data
  • Interface to existing CDR database to collect, parse and load various amounts of CDR formats
  • Raw CDR input is transformed into aggregated tables in various dimensions, e.g.: TAC, BRAND, VENDOR, IMSI, CELL, REGION, COUNTRIES, custom
  • CDRs translated into 100+ counters and KPIs


  • Customer specific detailed radio data, enabling advanced troubleshooting
  • CDR data bridges the gap between network OSS delivered data and the actual customer
  • Customer complaints are a starting point for investigating. Visualizing its activity in multiple domains enhances problem solving ability and reduces time to fix allowing for an improved customer network experience
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