Odido among top-performing networks worldwide

Our valued customer Odido (formerly T-Mobile Netherlands), once again emerges as one of the three top-performing networks tested worldwide by the benchmark organisation Umlaut.

Measuring up to its designation of ‘outstanding’, Odido’s mobile network modernization, equipping all 5000 towers located throughout the Netherlands with new antenna components, will offer customers an advanced 5G network, setting a new industry standard.

Starting in 2023, Odido is continuing its work in 2024, with the resolve to offer customers an unprecedented network experience with exceptional speeds and even more capacity.

“We are committed to support our longstanding client with our software platforms, and poised to offer solutions to simplify the extraction, analysis and correlation of key performance metrics to enhance the way data insights are harnessed. Our aim is to empower, to drive unprecedented growth and success in today’s dynamic telecommunications landscape.” Felix Franz, Director of CellSens