A1, Austria’s leading service provider, again wins first place in 5G

In 2023, A1, Austria’s leading mobile network provider, placed itself in the top ranking of network tests by Chip, Smartphone and SpeedChecker, continuing its winning streak with the futurezone network test to confirm its first place in coverage and speed.

This year A1, again, wins the renowned tech magazine CHIP’s network test (released today), emerging as unbeatable in high speed as well as excelling with the best download speed and 5G performance in Austria.

A1 has been certified by Quality Austria according to ISO 9001 since 1998, making it one of Austria’s pioneers. The network provider describes its quality management system as “continuously developed through systematic process analyses, digitization, automation, and leveraging synergies within the corporate group as well as with other implemented management systems”.

“We are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions for data-driven network management to our customers and are very pleased to have A1 as our valued customer to assist with the replacement of their former network performance tooling solution, employing our software platform’s tools to help maximize mobile network excellence.” Felix Franz, Director of CellSens