CellSens to expand further into the Arabian Peninsula

CellSens in Arabian Peninsula

With new deployments in Oman and Saudi Arabia, summer is heating up at CellSens.

CellSens will implement its CIOS suite with several local operators in the region. Capitalizing on the capabilities of the CellSens platform in the domains of RAN performance and optimization, the aim will be to stimulate operational efficiency through deep integration, interface simplification and smart automation.

Some of the major advantages local engineering teams in Oman and Saudi Arabia can expect from the CIOS tool include:

  • Multi Vendor capability
  • Unifying platform for multiple sources such as PM,CM,FM,CEM and more
  • Advanced map visualizations
  • Automated daily checks and reports
  • Neighbor relation management
  • Network Configuration
  • Drive Test visualization
  • Cluster Optimization support

The CellSens team is excited about both the new opportunities and the company’s continued pattern of growth.